The AlgoTrader Strategy©

We have analyzed thousands of trading algorithms with scientific methods and articifial intelligence to end up with he AlgoTrader Strategy©. Now you can also use it tomaximize profits while lowering risk in Bitcoin trading.

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Price momentum + Volatility momentum

The AlgoTrader Strategy© provides a simple strategy that optimizes profit and minimizes risk in Bitcoin Trading. By combining momentum in price and negative volatility, it identifies periods of uncertainty and high risk of market corrections. By switching to cash in these periods, some of the biggest corrections in the market can be avoided, and thus a higher profit is achieved.

The AlgoTrader Strategy© runs its algorithms daily, providing a daily recommendation to either be long in Bitcoin or go cash. As a member, you will receive real-time updates to trading recommendations plus much more.

Unlike other strategies, you won't need to trade daily or even weekly. In fact since 2012, just 8 cash periods have been identified. This means you will have made 16 trades over 10.6 years which averages to just 2.5 trades per year. Applying this simple strategy to your trading would have resulted in an average yearly return of 340%. This is 50% percent point higher per year than if you bought Bitcoin and held it for the same period. Adding the compound returns on your investments, this methods provides amazing returns with a very low risk/reward ratio: If you put $100 into The AlgoTrader Strategy© in 2012 you would now have $1,101,800.

Beats Bitcoin every year

The following table shows the yearly performance of The AlgoTrader Strategy© vs. Bitcoin. Performance is measured from 1/1 to 12/31 of each year.
Year With The AlgoTrader Strategy© Benchmark BTC
2012 18.93% 18.93%
2013 5865.51% 5865.51%
2014 -42.96% -60.51%
2015 84.13% 35.1%
2016 124.07% 124.07%
2017 1338.96% 1338.96%
2018 -55.33% -73%
2019 75.05% 92.2%
2020 362.64% 305.14%
2021 31.31% 59.14%
2022 -3.71% -0.22%
The AlgoTrader Stragegy has been running live on this website since the all time highs in 2018. Notice how both in the 2018-2019 bear market and the subsequentbull market, it keeps outperforming its benchmark of passive BTC investment.

How it works

1. Join as a member

Join as a member for just $9.99/month for receive realtime trading updates from the strategy, monthly summaries, and much more. You can also log on to the website and see the daily trading sentiment.

2. Receive updates

As a member you receive daily, monthly and event-based updates whenever the trading sentiment changes. We send you e-mails whenever you need to either buy Bitcoin or sell your Bitcoins for cash.

3. Trade on your platform

When trading sentiment changes, you either buy or sell your Bitcoins on your preferred platform. Never traded Bitcoin before? Don't worry: as a new member you will receive a guide to exchanges. On average, you will only have to make 2.5 trades per year.

As a member, following The AlgoTrader Strategy© is extremely simple and simple. You only need to spend on average 20 minutes every year on placing a few simple trades. We do the hard math and complicated algorithms so you can keep your investment safe and growing.

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