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If you have any concerns or questions about your membership or anything else, drop us an e-mail on Before that, please see the below FAQ for the most common questions and answers.

How does work?

The AlgoTrader Strategy combines momentum analysis in price development and volatility to identify periods of uncertainty and high risk of market corrections. In these periods, the strategy outputs a recommendation to be cash. In other periods the strategy recommends to be invested in Bitcoin.
By signing up for a membership, we will update you on how to follow the strategy. When you're a member, following the strategy is simple: We will e-mail you whenever you need to either go cash or invest in Bitcoin. Then you trade on your own on our favorite exchange. Read more about the strategy.

Which types of memberships do you offer?

You can sign up for either a free memberhip or a premium membership. The free membership provides you a monthly e-mail newsletter that summarises the Algotrader Strategy© index for each day in the month.
The premium membership provides you with a lot more: Every day you get an email update on the index, telling you either to be in cash or Bitcoin. Every month you get the strategy summary for the past month. And by logging in on you can access realtime and historical data on the Algotrader Strategy©. When you're logged in you can also adjust your e-mail settings, view past strategy performance and much more. Premium members also get unlimited support for questions on the strategy or membership.

Is payment secure?

Yes. All information on our website is encrypted and safely transfered. We partner with Stripe Payments, one of the leading and trusted payment providers.

How do I cancel my membership?

For premium accounts: When you log into your account, you can cancel your subscription or delete your account with a single click. When your subscription is canceled, you will no longer be billed. For free accounts, you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the e-mail updates we send.

Is my information safe with you?

Yes, absolutely. See more on how we handle your information on the privacy policy page. These are the most important details: We will never sell or share personal information with other companies or people. We only collect your e-mail to send you the updates you choose to receive. You can unsubscribe to our updates at any time. You can also choose delete your information with us at any time.

Where can I follow you for news?

If you're signed up with a membership we will send you important news about your account. For regular updates or news, you can follow our Twitter account.

Can I give you a call?

We offer phone support for our premium members. If you have any other concerns, you are also welcome to give us a call on +1 (917) 994-9359. We are not only an intelligent profit-making trading bot - we're also real humans.